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Bryce| 2018 Meade County Senior

This is my handsome nephew, Bryce. It seems nearly impossible for him to be this grown and this old. Eighteen isn’t old I know, but when you have watched someone grow from a tiny baby to now a young man…eighteen seems too old! He was my pride and joy when he was little and I treated him like my own child. Even though in past years we are not as close (My sister and I are ten years apart, so when I was creating my life after I graduated high school, he was growing and changing, and our special bond grew apart, unfortunately). I wish him nothing but the best in college and with life as he grows from a young man into an adult. I hope college treats him well and he will get a degree he loves. I pray he stays grounded in his knowledge and does not adapt to the world around him. Life is definitely hard, and I hope he takes advice, from others who have already lived those years, to heart. I know he will do great things in life and I am so proud of all that he has accomplished this far! Love you Bryce!

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