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Deagan| Studio Newborn

I got to meet this sweet family and tiny baby boy for a few short hours during a time of uncertainty. I think everyone will remember March 2020 for the rest of our lives. However, I can not help to think that, actually know, God is in control and he already knows the outcome of this seclusion. I believe in a world where life is so fast paced, God pumped the brakes to make us stop and just be. When I was holding Deagan, I could not to help to notice how perfectly he was created. His short, little fast breaths, his whimpers, his smile, and his perfect fingers and toes. He is beautiful and created so perfect! During a time of uncertainty, look at a baby, and know that if He can created a perfect, little human-being, He will not turn his back on us! He is waiting for us to stop, breath, and inhale the beauty He has created around us. <3

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